That was the 18th International Sauna Congress 2022 in Stuttgart!

Diverse, informative and connecting – that was the 18th International Sauna Congress 2022 in Stuttgart. With almost 200 visitors from 16 different nations, the congress was a complete success! Despite all the internationality, there was a great sense of togetherness among all the speakers and participants. Every single lecture was received with great interest, which was reflected not least by the lively questions and discussions afterwards. The pictures and videos embedded in many of the lectures were particularly eye-catching – they made a nice change from the scientific facts and data.

The content of the presentations included the conversion of an entire group of thermal baths by 2025 to the use of renewable energy, the multiple use of waste heat and the conversion of the sauna rooms. Another impressive presentation dealt with the SILENT SPA with its unique concept and perfect target group orientation. The latter is reflected in the high number of visitors in July/August, which is untypical for a spa or sauna thermal bath.

The presentation by Yu Suzuki, a young Japanese and aspiring CEO of a sauna search and social media service, also met with great interest. In the first topic area, Prof. Dr. Jan Siemens impressed with his findings and latest scientific theories on the sensation of warmth through the TRP ion families. In humans, TRP channels play an important role in the perception of taste, pheromones, temperature (warm, hot, cold), pressure, pain and much more.

All lectures will soon be available for all ticket holders to read and watch, both in written form and on video. All texts and recordings as well as further visual and audio material will be available on the website soon.


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About International Sauna Congress

The 18th International Sauna Congress continues a tradition of events that have dealt with the sauna, its medical effects, the economic and planning framework, technological developments and the cultural aspects of sauna use since the 1950s.

The event is held every four years by the International Sauna Association, based in Helsinki, which commissions a national association to organize each event. After the last congress in 2018 took place in the Swedish-Finnish border region around Happaranda/Tornio, the German Sauna Association will host the event for the 5th time in 2022. It will be held for the first time in Stuttgart and parallel to interbad 2022. Visitors also can take advantage of the trade fair with the world’s largest range of sauna products and services.

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